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Our vision is to foster integrated systems or pathways that will empower teachers and students to collaborate, innovate, problem-solve, communicate, and create so they are future-ready, literate citizens who thrive as independent decision-makers in today’s world and the world ahead. We believe effective technology use in learning is rooted in impactful instructional strategies for learning. Technology should actively engage students in content as active social learners. Technology should enhance student understanding of the content, offering opportunities for creation and production over consumption. Technology should extend learning goals in order to connect school learning with everyday life experiences.  

Here we will share platforms and how to integrate these into your classroom. If you have any questions, please contact your LTL!


Ashley Pfeifer  --  SSI LTL                                                                            District Software Request Form

Anita Paque  --  TMS LTL                                                                             District Google Chrome Extension Request Form

Jacque Gorski  --  HHS LTL                                                                          

Marquea Goike  --  HHS LTL