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Power ON! Student Help Desk: Home


School Hours:  Go to the library and sign-in on the computer for the "help desk". Then ask  library staff for assistance.

Evenings and Weekends: email


Turn on your Chromebook and ensure it is connected to WiFi. (Do not sign in to your Chromebook yet)

  • Click Apps (lower left hand corner of screen)
  • Click Hamilton Password Reset
  • Click Change Passwordenter the username and your current password on the first screen
  • Click Next, follow the instructions to choose and type a new password
  • Click Change.

Chromebook Fully Charged - But Won't Turn On

  • Plug in Chromebook
  • Hold "refresh" and "power" buttons for 30 seconds               
  • Unplug 
  • Plug in again
  • Close Chromebook cover
  • Open Chromebook cover
  • Check battery percentage
  • Charge if needed

(image is pointing to the "refresh" button (4th from left) and "power" button)



Check your print count balance on a desktop computer in the library, ask staff in the library, or email Mrs. Gorski.


Students start the semester with 350 pages.

Connecting- Android Phone to wifi

Select HSD-Guest

  • EAP Method = PEAP
  • CA certificate = Unspecified
    • Some Android and Chromebook devices require you to select Do Not Check
  • Enter your Identity (username) and Password, then connect


Working Offline-  Directions to keep working when the internet goes down.