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Power ON! Student Help Desk: Home


School Hours:  Go to the library and sign-in on the computer for the "help desk". Then ask  library staff for assistance.

Evenings and Weekends: email


Turn on your Chromebook and ensure it is connected to WiFi. (Do not sign in to your Chromebook yet)

  • Click Apps (lower left hand corner of screen)
  • Click Hamilton Password Reset
  • Click Change Passwordenter the username and your current password on the first screen
  • Click Next, follow the instructions to choose and type a new password
  • Click Change.

Chromebook Fully Charged - But Won't Turn On

  • Plug in Chromebook
  • Hold "refresh" and "power" buttons for 30 seconds               
  • Unplug 
  • Plug in again
  • Close Chromebook cover
  • Open Chromebook cover
  • Check battery percentage
  • Charge if needed

(image is pointing to the "refresh" button (4th from left) and "power" button)


  PaperCut now available on Chromebooks!

Check your print count

Students start the semester with 350 pages.

Connecting- Android Phone to wifi

Select HSD-Guest

  • EAP Method = PEAP
  • CA certificate = Unspecified
    • Some Android and Chromebook devices require you to select Do Not Check
  • Enter your Identity (username) and Password, then connect


Working Offline-  Directions to keep working when the internet goes down.