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CA 10- Persuasive Essay: Resources

Hot Topics - Pro/Con


SIRS Overview (15:07)

Citing SIRS in Noodletools  (5:55)

Home Access - check this DOC for username/password 

Assigning articles in Google Classroom

Why start with a book?

Printed books are a good starting place for your project. Use a book as a guide to help you gain background knowledge about your topic and discover related sub-topics.  

Books are written by experts and evaluated by librarians, who have found them credible and trustworthy to use in your research. You can find many different choices in the non-fiction and reference sections of the library.

Your internet and database research will be easier if you know basic information about your topic.

Stop by the library and see Mrs. Gorski.  There are many books available on a variety of topics and she is there to assist you!

Book Selections

Book Selections