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Maple Avenue Library: Wisconsin Mammals

Where the Wild Kids Grow

Wisconsin Mammals - Mystery Animal Lessons

Mystery Animals of Wisconsin

Could you guess the names of any of these Wisconsin mammals down below?  If so, what do you really know about them?  
Students will learn in their library lessons fascinating facts about these animals by reading fiction and nonfiction books and magazine articles in Ranger Rick and National Geographic Kids, utilizing our educational databases such as PebbleGO, Fact Cite, and World Book, viewing multimedia sources, and by examining actual animal pelts and hides.


Gray Squirrel

Havahart Squirrel Facts
22 Things You May Not Know About Squirrels
Eastern Gray Squirrel - Video
Eastern Gray Squirrel Alarm Call - Video
Squirrel Facts Mini Documentary - Video
Nuts About Squirrels - Video


Red Fox

Is the Fox a Cat or a Dog?
Havahart - Red Fox
Red Fox Hilariously Pounces Headfirst Into Snow - Video (Excellent)
Red Fox Vocalizations - Video
Friending a Fox - Video
Friendly Baby Fox - Video
10 Exotic Pets - Fox and Skunk Mentioned - Video

White-tailed Deer

15 Surprising Facts About White-tailed Deer
White-tailed Deer Facts
Havahart White-tailed Deer
Terrific White-tailed Deer Facts - Video
White-tailed Deer Antler Shed - Video

Wisconsin Mammals



Interesting Facts About Coyotes
10 Fascinating Facts About Urban Coyotes
Coyote Named Scooter - Video
Coyote Facts for Kids - Video
Coyote Finally Meets a Coyote - Video
All the Genius of a Coyote in 10 Minutes - Video


Havahart Skunks
Interesting Facts About Skunks

Skunked Coyote Peterson – Video Excellent

Do Skunks make good pets? – Video

Baby Skunk Does the Cutest Stomps – Video
The Science of Skunk Spray - Video

How to get rid of Skunk Smell 
- Video

River Otter

Pine Marten







Pine Marten Facts

The Pine Marten is Nature's Most Adorable Assassin! – Video - Coyote Peterson – 1. – 2.

The American Pine Marten - Video

Marten Facts: Cute but Deadly – Video

Pine Marten vs Red Squirrel – Yellowstone National Park - Video

The Pine Marten – Video




Havahart Facts About Opossums
13 Facts About Opossums
Top 7 Amazing Opossum Facts - Video
Wild Science Opossum - Video

Opossum Fact or Fake - Video
Opossum Covering His Mom's Face In Kisses 
- Video


Havahart Groundhogs
Groundhogs as Pets

Fun Facts About Groundhogs SciShow Kids - Video
Stuff You May Not Know About Groundhogs - Video
Groundhogs for Kids - Video (Excellent)

Groundhog Day for Kids– Video

Happy Groundhog Day! - Video (Coyote Peterson)
Groundhog Bites Mayor - Video
Groundhog Climbs Tree - Video

Animal Tracks

Animal Track Identification Guide
How to Identify Tracks of 10 Most Common North American Species
Animal Track Identification Guide

EEK! Animal Tracks Tips
Mammal Tracks of Wisconsin
Animal Track Patterns - SciShow Kids - Video
​Tracking Animals in the Snow - Video
Everything About Animal Tracks - Video