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Summer Help Desk Repairs

Summer Help Desk Hours

by appointment only


Should you experience any problems with your Chromebook please email

Summer Reminders

A few reminders:


Although school is out, “GoGuardian” will be watching you all summer!  Browse on safe sites, as your Chromebook is a district device and will be monitored. 


Take care of your Chromebook. Should your Chromebook stop working or an unfortunate accident occur, there will be limited Help Desk Hours by appointment only. Please email


Take advantage of the Help Desk in summer, because if you wait until school begins, delays will occur due to the number of additional students in the district receiving Chromebooks. 

Return to school September 1, 2020 with your Chromebook charged and ready to go!


My name is Ethan and I am a senior here at HHS this year. I am a member of Ski Club, the Trapshooting team, and I participate in a Bowling league. I currently work at Veloce Indoor Speedway but my goal is to one day work in an IT department. Next year I will be attending UW-Whitewater and will be pursuing my degree in Information Technology. Even though my entire family is made up of accountants I have always had an interest in computers and of course video games, which is why I decided to become a Help Desk TA. I am excited to help further the Help Desk program, and take as much experience from it as possible to use in the future. If you have any computer questions I am at the Help Desk during 2nd block and Thursday advisements.


Alex Teerlinck

My name is Alex and I am a senior this year. I participate in the school’s esports club, rock climbing club, robotics club, Boy Scouts of America, CTV (Charger Television) and the school band. I am working at Mills Fleet Farm during the school year. I plan on being a software developer or an IT specialist after college. I have fun learning the in's and out's of technology and helping people is something I am good at, so combining the two should make a great experience. I can't wait to move this program forward and help you all while doing so. I am here everyday first thing in the morning and during Friday advisements. I am looking forward to an awesome year.


  PaperCut now available on Chromebooks!

Check your print count.

Students start the semester with 350 pages.

Google Keep

Where are Sticky Notes?

There is an app called google keep that you can use. It is basically Google’s version of sticky notes. You can also click the icon for Google Keep to get there.

In a new tab, in the top right corner, you will see this (the circular picture might be different but the text and waffle icon are the same)

When you click on it, you will get a box with all these apps in it (image below). If you click more you will see the Keep icon. Click on that and it will take you there.