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Templeton Middle School Library: World War I--7 White

World War I Online Resources


America's Choice and Opportunity, speech by Newton Diehl Baker, Secretary of War. "A new history of the world will be written and it will date, I think, from the beginning of this war." 1918  Source: LoC


The Nation in Arms, speech by Franklin K. Lane, U.S. Secretary of the Interior. "We are fighting Germany because she sought to terrorize us and then to fool us... Germany has never asked forgiveness of the world [for sinking the Lusitania]...Belgian starving ...piteous cries of children...friendly, harmless, terrorized people." 1918  Source: LoC

From the Battlefields of France, a patriotic appeal by the U.S. Army to Americans for "their unshrinking support" delivered by General John J. Pershing, Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces. 1918  Source: LoC

At the Front, speech by Secretary of War Newton D. Baker. "I saw the superb and veteran armies of Great Britain, France, and Italy. I saw the heroic associates with whom our own army is to fight and I had then, as I have now, a sense of stirring and rising pride in the feeling that America's great and splendidly equipped and prepared army is composed of men worthy to be classed with those heroes." 1918 Source: LoC

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