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Teacher Resources

Free up Disk Space

Due to videotaping, many of you are running out of space on your Chromebooks. This isn't the "cloud," it is the files directly loaded on your computer (which is usually the videos).
To Free Up Disk Space

*This will permanently delete any files that are saved directly to Chromebook.  Make sure anything needed is saved to your Google Drive.

1.  Sign out of account on Chromebook
2.  On the login screen, next to your name, click the down arrow
3.  Click Remove account > Remove account
4. Sign Back in

Hamilton School District Reopening Planning and Professional Development Website



   Loom           How to LOOM 

Edpuzzle - Current Openings

Edpuzzle is a web-based interactive video and formative assessment tool that lets users crop existing online videos and add content to target specific learning objectives.With the Basic Plan, you can store up to 20 videos in your account. Sign up with a Google account. 

What is Edpuzzle?

How to use Edpuzzle


               How to Flipgrid                   



Vocaroo allows users to record and share their voices online. The best thing about Vocaroo is that it is free. You do not need to sign up for an account, nor do you need to log in to use it. Creating a recording is as simple as clicking one red button to start and end the process. There are several ways to share recordings. They can be emailed, embedded, downloaded, and shared via social media. Moreover, downloaded recordings can be uploaded to a Google Drive account and added via links to Google Slides. In addition to enhancing Google Slides, the recordings can be included in messages for students, parents, and teachers.

Vocaroo and Google Classroom

Remote Teaching with Vocaroo Ideas

Ideas for Using Vocaroo for Formative Feedback


Padlet and Padlet Backpack for Schools | ICT Across the Curriculum

Padlet is a web app that lets users post notes on a digital wall. Use it as an exit ticket after a lesson. Sign in for free with Google and create up to 6 Padlets.

How to Teach Remotely With Padlet Tutorial

30 Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom


Screenshots can be used to take photos of completion of online activity results or to check for understanding. See this video on how to take a screenshot on a chromebook. 


Video showing how to use Google Slides to make editable PDFs.


Canva - Wikipedia 

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations. Sign up with a Google account, and restrict use of items to only those that are labeled as "free."


Job Application for Head of Engineering at Piktochart 

Create beautiful infographics, flyers, posters, presentations and reports. Sign up with a Google account. Free accounts allow users to make up to five infographics.


   Create infographics from free templates. Sign up with a Google account. 


  Create infographics from free templates. 37 infographics with free account.  Sign up with a Google account. 


  Create infographics from free templates. Sign up with a Google account.