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Marcy Library: Spotlight on Magazines

Magazines on Display in the Marcy Library Media Center

Marcy Students, we have a nice collection of magazines that we subscribe to.  

Please consider checking out a magazine like those magazines in the spotlight down below, the next time you are in the Marcy Library.‚Äč

Magazines - Animals

Ranger Rick Jr. (Ages 4-7)


Ranger Rick (Ages 7-12)

National Geographic Kids (Ages 6-13)

Zoobooks (Ages 6-12)

Magazine - Girls

American Girl (Ages 8-12)

Girls World (Ages 7-12)

Magazines - Popular Culture

 ChickaDEE  (Ages 6-9)

Owl (Ages 9-13) 

Magazine - Science

Ask (Ages 6-9) Grades 2-4

Muse (Ages 9-14) Grades 4-9

Magazine - Boys' Life

Boys' Life  (Ages 7-14)

Magazine - Sports

Sports Illustrated Kids
(Ages 7-12) Grades 3-5

Magazine - World Culture

Faces (Ages 9-14) Grades 4-9

Magazine - Cooking

Ingredient (Ages 7-13)

Chop Chop (Ages 8-12)

Magazines at Marcy